Child playing in the Courage Climber


Every week is a new adventure at the Cayton. Kids learn new skills, create, and grow, all while they are immersed in play. 

Activities are drop-in and free for all guests.

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Wednesday, June 29



Join us as we read Let's Celebrate! Special Days from Around the World. Following the reading, we will be creating celebration decor.

Flying Saucer Art


Create your own UFO flying saucers from a variety of recycled materials.

Thursday, June 30

Affirmation Bracelets


Summer Scavenger Hunt


Make your own mindful jewelry, as we create affirmation bracelets. 

For some summer fun when we host a museum-wide scavenger hunt. We can't wait to see what you find. 

Friday, July 1

Music Circle


Let's gather for a little jam session in the Derfner Theater for a Music Circle with your play friends.

Mixed-Material Airplanes


Make airplanes from a mix of new and recycled materials. 

Saturday, July 2

Sand Art


Bubble Dance Party


Stop by for a creative exploration when we use colored sand to create illustrations.

Grove and move with bubbles and music in the Derfner Theater for a Bubble Dance Party.

Sunday, July 3

Rainbow Ribbon Dance


Join us when we are moving and having fun with rainbow ribbons in the Derfner Theater.

Animal Freeze Dance


Come back for a game of animal freeze dance!