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generously donated by Dr. Gabriel Chiu and Christine Chiu

Teaching children the many ways they can serve and support our communities as active citizens who help one another, who respond, rescue and play in community.

Jump into Community

How do we measure up to our best selves? Be an up-stander at Jump Into Community. Watch as a slow motion video replays each jump attempt. This video becomes a part of each visitor’s memory collection. Each time visitors return they will see how they can jump even higher into community. Measure up in community. Stand tall and capture a photo of how you are growing taller each visit.

To the Rescue!

generously donated by DiPaola Family Foundation

Made from a recycled Coast Guard rescue boat, To the Rescue! floats in sea of balls where young museum visitors imagine their roles as first responders. Aqua Rescue prompts ideas of selflessness, community responsibility, and compassion for all those in need of help. Visitors work together playing with life-savers, vests, and ropes, to jump to safety.

Fire Station

Who are our heroes today? Our visitors imagine themselves as firefighters, first responders, and real-life heroes in our communities at the Fire Station. As firefighters, our visitors will be able to climb our truck, dress up, role play and command rescue in community service. When the siren sounds, we respond.

Our Animal Hospital, sponsored by VCA

generously donated by VCA Animal Hospital

Treating animals, fixing what is broken, and caring for animals in need are accessible and imaginative ways in which our visitors practice care taking, being healers and being healed. Children and youth can become both the veterinarians and the animals in need of care at Our Animal Hospital. Costumes line the walls along with the examination table, and instruments. The creative play possibilities are infinite.

Community Market

The Community Market is a hands on spaces for our visitors to play, live and serve in community. Stacking, stocking, sorting and shopping are everyday activities in our market. Fill each cart with farm fresh produce and prepare meals to serve at the Café.


generously donated by The Kallick Family

The Café is a gathering space in our Let’s Help exhibit, the hub that connects our Community Market, Animal Hospital, and Rescue exhibits. It’s a place for our visitors to practice helping, serving, and providing for one another through play. Café food will represent diverse cuisine, holiday treats, and family celebrations.


generously donated by The Birkhofer Family, The Freed Family and Richard and Suzanne Norton Family

This exhibit is more than a helicopter. Our Help-a-copter, powered by friends, is covered in chrome and shines its message of rescue throughout Let’s Help. When entering the Help-a-copter cockpit, visitors heed a call to action as first responders flying to rescue, fueled by the power of imagination.




Teamwork is at the heart of Together We where exhibits are designed to encourage collaborative play, communication, and discovery in an effort to explore what is possible when we work together. Together We is a collection of exhibit experiences that you can do on your own, but the experience is amplified when done together with others. Together We is a space that both reminds us that we need each other and celebrates the magic that happens when we come together.

All Systems Go!

generously donated by Simms/Mann Family Foundation

This physical interactive Rube Goldberg inspired ball machine engages children and adults of all ages, sizes, and abilities in a constantly moving process. All Systems Go! expertly winds throughout the museum. Balls move upward with solo play, but in a group, visitors will find the activity is exponentially more complex and fun. Each ball is printed in a different language honoring our visitors from near and far, our native ancestors, and our local residents.

Team Waterworks

Teamwork Waterworks invites our visitors to make waves, create, invent and journey through water play together. A three pronged, uniquely designed platform has different heights and multiple places for interaction for our youngest visitors on up to our oldest. Build, sail, explore, invent, play, watch as droplets join together to turn into rivers, mirroring how each of our actions are drops until we join together as a force for change.

Masterpiece Makers

generously donated by The Younes & Soraya Nazarian Family Foundation

A larger than life two-sided art and technology experience engages visitors instantly at Masterpiece Makers. Making art with body movement and flashes of colorful light is mesmerizing. Every move changes the masterpiece at lightning speed. Shadows dance to become captivating art. On the second side of this large installation, visitors choose from an array of virtual art making tools, brushes, colors, and materials and together paint murals with dancing colors, butterflies and starbursts.

Moving Mountains

This is unlike any childhood sandbox. Moving Mountains does just that, moves mountains and makes rivers. The exhibit features overhead projection of a topographical landscape. As busy hands create mountains, shape passageways and guide waterways, the sandbox comes alive. With enough space for 8-10 visitors to play together, this ultimate sandbox is in constant motion.

Wisdom Wall

Children learn through play. As Albert Einstein said, “Play is the highest form of research.” The Wisdom Wall is the place where we aim to inspire by sharing the wisdoms of great thinkers, artists, and leader.

Together We Celebrate

Together We Celebrate is an enclosed, clear booth filled with celebration. Imagine standing inside a small room with confetti and colored fabric raining around you. Before entering, you can inscribe something that you’re celebrating! Add your note to the swirling collection and step inside. Jump, spin and try to collect as many pieces as you can. A 360-degree video camera captures all the joy!

Bubbles, Bubbles, Bubbles

generously donated by Sydney D Holland Foundation

Using large wands and wooden frames, visitors see how large and tall they can create Bubbles, Bubbles, Bubbles. Stand inside your life-size bubble and challenge yourself not to pop it! With iridescent shimmering liquid, our bubbles cast dancing shadows on the museum floor all the while mesmerizing all visitors.




In this area children discover their personal capacity and ability to achieve as they Reach For. These exhibits inspire children to test new heights and strive further with each visit. Reach For is our platform for visitors to see the world through new perspectives. Through viewing windows in our “Courage Climber,” children will practice seeing the world from a different vantage point.



Suspended from the ceiling is a mesh web of ropes that form a canopy, the Courage Climber gives children opportunities from different vantage points and perspectives as they explore the views from above. Climbers can safely reach levels of the exhibit per their ability and can work their way up to greater heights over time. Sinking circles, rocky valley, flexible tunnel, and lookout perches join together in this exhibit of challenges and discoveries. There are two entry and exit points for the climber and an endless number of ways to navigate through the space. Collaborative play, trying new things, failing and trying again, as they build courage.

LEAVE YOUR Footprint

generously donated by Jennifer and Curtis Cohen

When you enter the Cayton, here is where you leave your first impression in make a mark in sand and in water. Leave Your Mark features ceiling projection that gives our visitors the opportunity to leave footprints for others to follow. As you enter you leave your impression on us, we aim to leave a lasting one on you. Engaging virtual sand and water play makes visitors dance and chase the diverse sets of footprints. Jump, splash, and run. This is how visitors leave a good impression on us: interact and do it with gusto!




This wing of the museum will house all Reflect On exhibits. Through introspection, reflection, and connection, children experience what it means to be still so we can listen and observe the world around us. Each exhibit wing provides opportunities for our visitors to practice skills and ways of being in relation to others. Reflect On is focused on providing opportunities to practice being calm, being quiet, being still, being introspective.



Imagine a room that is buzzing with scenes of nature, butterflies fill the space all around you. When you enter the space full of energy–moving and talking–those butterflies scatter and leave the walls. The visitor learns that when he or she is quiet, still and calm, the butterflies return, populating the screens all around. In Tune with Nature, is one of those spaces that requires that you slow down, notice, look, intuit and reflect.


generously donated by The Braun Family

Inspired by the Telephone of the Wind in Japan, this is a very special and profound exhibit at the Cayton. A small telephone booth like space, the Hello Booth is filled with older, corded telephones. Receivers are accessible, some are mounted at the height of a child and others are for adults. Calls can reach anywhere one desires. Each phone is activated by the most powerful and effective network in the world: one’s imagination.


generously donated by The Pearlstein Family

With touch, the Ripple Effect shows the patterns of currents and flow. As Ripple Effect spins, so too do the suspended particles. This exhibit is built upon a turntable so that it can be rotated at varying speeds. The rotation produces patterns that resemble the currents of the ocean, the spirals of our galaxy, and the wonder of infinity. The spinning can be modulated or made faster by touch. Calming, patterned, and quiet, the Ripple Effect focuses us on thought, imagination and observation.


generously donated by Larry and Stacey Kohl

A profoundly moving exhibit in the museum, our Wishing Wall is created with inspiration from many cultures, sacred spaces, sites and memorials throughout the world. This wall prompts reflection, response, and questioning. Blank papers invite children and adults to draw and write their own wishes, ideas and thoughts. Write in any language and structure. Notes are precious and sacred as they represent each person’s thoughts and hopes. The Wishing Wall is a multi-level exhibit that grows and evolves with the creation of content from our visitor.


Always glowing with a dim light, Glow with Us shines brighter with each hand that touches it. Hold your hand longer and the light increases exponentially. Children join their friends, old and new, to place their hands and even more glow happens. This exhibit teaches young people that there is light within each of us, and each glows in unique ways.


generously donated by The Held Foundation

A child’s reflection is represented infinitely in this mirror Infinite Reflection. This exhibit highlights each person’s ability to make many impressions, make a difference, just in presence alone. There are ripple effects to what one says, how one acts, and how one shows up in all parts of life. This space helps young people visualize the extraordinary impact of their presence.




This wing of the museum will house all Launch Your exhibits. Like the Courage Climber in our Reach For exhibit, Launch Your is designed to uncover and practice newfound skills and strengths. This “Climber" on the ground is for our youngest visitors (ages 0-2) who are just beginning to explore what it means to push beyond, in a safe and exciting exhibition. A moving mobile of colors and shapes called “Skyscape” completes the Launch Your wing.


Family Lounge, Bathroom, Stroller Parking and Nursing Rooms

It is significant to create spaces that support, welcome and encourage the family experience in this museum. Families with young children need privacy and nursing space, a dedicated lounge for feeding and snacks and family bathrooms to manage the needs of the family unit. These family support spaces complement Launch Your to support a family experience when visiting the Cayton Children’s Museum.


generously donated by Erwin Rautenberg Foundation

Ceiling sculptures suspended over all of the Launch Your exhibit, Skyscape engages our youngest visitors and all of us who gaze upwards. Moving gently mobiles, a flock of artistic flying shapes, Skyscape combines color, movement, air and whimsy to stimulate our senses and engage our mind.


community spaces


community spaces are for the whole community. these spaces bring together people from all walks of life. these spaces go far beyond aesthetics—they are far more than the walls that bound them! they are meant to bring people together and be welcoming and accessible spaces.

S. MARK taper brilliant blue room and celebration sphere

generously donated by S. Mark Taper Foundation

Multipurpose rooms at the Cayton get just as much use as the exhibits, if not more. This area houses camp classes, afterschool programs, art workshops, and museum programming. The S Mark Taper Brilliant Blue Room & Celebration Sphere seamlessly blends into the space to combine both creative aesthetic and functionality. Groups attend unique classes, performances and programs in this space while the museum serves our public audience.

generosity garden

Words cannot fully express our gratitude to all of the donors who contributed to make the Cayton Children’s Museum possible. “Blades of Grass” adorned with the names of our donors of $25,000 and above run the length of our Lobby’s south wall. It is a garden of gratitude to our community of dreamers and supporters. We stand on the shoulders and generosity of those in our Garden.

muse gift shop

After your visit to the Cayton, exit through the MUSE Gift Shop. You’ll find a curated selection of educational, fun and considered items. Pick up something for your family and a gift for someone else. You can also grab our exclusive branded Cayton apparel to twin with your littles!

derfner theatre

generously donated by The Derfner Foundation

Imagination leads the way in the Derfner Theater, the Cayton’s central place of gathering. Our Theater is not only a performance space but a stage for children to practice collaboration, invention, patience. Along with state-of-the-art media capacity, there is a costume center for visitors to create their own art, performance, and play. Visitors are directors, creators, performers and members of the audience in their own theatrical creations.

art studio I

At the heart of the Cayton is Art Studio I, a hub for community and programming at the museum. This is our pivotal center for creativity. Whether it be open art studio classes, artist residence series, or camps, Art Studio I invites visitors to explore, create, imagine, and play. While the exhibits encourage children to discover, Art Studio I inspires children to create. Pick up a paintbrush, mold some clay, and gather materials to build a collage or a never-before-seen creature.

art studio II

Becoming masterpieces themselves, visitors and the studio are the canvas in Art Studio II. This is where our Art Crawls happen - our youngest kids put on paintable onesies or diapers and are free to paint the floors, walls and wherever else they please. Masterful spills, globs, fingerprints, footprints and more fill the room with energy, joy, giggles and paint!

the grand exit

generously donated by Rayni and Branden Williams

Strike a pose in front of the massive mural, snap a photo and capture your memory in the most photogenic space of the museum. The Grand Exit is the place for a final gathering of groups, families and events before leaving the museum. This is stage is a place of gathering for story time, puppet shows, sing-alongs and performances.