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Spring into the season! Join us at the Cayton for fun seasonal spring activities.

Special Summer Hours

Spring is in full swing, and we're gearing up for a summer of fun! Join us as we kick off May with colorful art activities, sensory play, and special events! Plus, get excited for extended summer hours starting on Memorial Day.

Open on Mondays from May 27 (Memorial Day) to Sep 2 (Labor Day)

Special Events


Parents' Night Out

Saturday, May 18

Offered the third Saturday each month from April to August, reserve your child's after-hours play date and get your own play date, too.

Kids will enjoy three hours of supervised fun-filled playtime, featuring games, activities, and museum exploration. Plus, they'll be served dinner, snacks, and drinks—a perfect playdate for everyone!


Storytime+Art  with Nell Cross Beckerman

Thursday, May 23

Guest author Nell Cross Beckerman will read her new release From Park to Playa about how nature connects us all. Afterward, we'll continue exploring with nature sensory play and blowing pinwheel dandelions!

Nell Cross Beckerman writes books for kids, inspired by adventure and connection found through nature. A former documentary TV producer for the Discovery Channel, she grew up In Los Angeles with a biologist father and librarian mother, and delights in combining science and poetry.

Weekly Activities


May 1-5

Gillian Lange - Join us in Art Studio I and get inspired by the work of Gillian Lange, a Canadian activist and animal rescuer, create paper bag puppets of your favorite furry animals! 


May 8-12

Isaac Brynjegard-Bialik – Design and decorate appreciation cards inspired by Jewish American paper artist, Isacc Brynjegard-Bialik. 


May 15-19

Jacques Lipchitz - Mold colorful playdough into little creatures who have big feelings, shaped by the work of Jewish cubic sculptor Jacques Lipchitz.  


May 22-27

Falzur Rahman Khan – Inspired by the work of Falzur Rahman Kan, Bangladeshi American structural engineer and architect, construct a cityscape using recyclable materials!


May 29-June 3

Hung Liu – Paint colorful portraits of loved ones with watercolors and crayons based on the work of Hung Liu, a Chinese-born American contemporary artist. 

Daily Activities

Daily Activities are drop-in and free for members and museum visitors

Every week is a new adventure at the Cayton. Kids learn new skills, create, and grow, all while immersed in play

Updated Program Times

Art Studio: 10AM-12:30PM and 2-4:30PM
Storytime (every Thursday): 11
Programs: 11AM and 3PM

May 1

11AM—Buzzy Bee Hotels

Inspired by He Guoqing and Katrina Flett's traditional beekeeping methods, craft cozy bee hotels. Create homes for our buzzing friends, embracing the spirit of conservation and sustainability!  

3PM—Dino Dig

Channel your inner archaeologist as you embark on an excavation adventure! Unearth ancient dinosaur bones buried within a sand-tastic sensory bin.  

May 4

11AM—Bubble Dance Party

Dance, jump, and pop to fun music while surrounded by a sea of bubbles in this lively and bubbly dance party!  

3PM—Sun-Kissed Suncatchers

Capture the essence of summer with radiant suncatchers! Layer vibrant tissue paper and craft intricate designs using construction paper, creating dazzling suncatchers. 

May 9


Explore the enchanting journey of reading with 'How To Read a Book' by Kwame Alexander. Then, craft custom bookmarks to accompany your favorite reads. 

3PM—Call Center Heros

Join us at the Hello Booth exhibit to answer the call! Decode messages, solve puzzles, and save the day in this interactive adventure! 

May 12

11AM—Bracelet Buddies

Celebrate friendship in style! Craft matching bracelets to share with your friends and family!   

3PM—Bubble Blossoms

Bubble up some fun! Create delicate flowers out of bubbles and watercolors. 

May 2

11AM—Storytime + Art

Step into the vibrant world of "Night Market Rescue" by Charlotte Cheng, where a stray dog named Gogo navigates the bustling Taipei night market. Afterward, sculpt furry companions out of clay.

3PM—Beat Builders

Let the rhythm take over! Explore instruments like sticks, drums, and rainbow bells, playing along to the beat of a diverse range of music! 

May 5

11AM—Wild for Masks

Transform into your favorite animal by crafting an animal mask!   

3PM—Scavenger Hunt

Test your wits and observation skills as you solve puzzles and find different animal habitats hidden around the museum.  

May 10

11AM—Tambourine Jam

Jam out to some tambourine tunes! Explore tambourines, bells, and shakers in this fun music jam session!    

3PM—Mirror Movements

Inspired by the graceful movements of Chinese dragon dancers, engage in Mirror Dancing! Collaborate with others to mirror each other's movements and use scarves and ribbons to amplify your gestures. 

May 15

11AM—Jars of Joy

Craft happiness! Create sensory jars filled with trinkets that bring you joy, perfect for mindful moments!    

3PM—Wheel-ie Fun

Get ready to hop, skip and jump! We will spin a color wheel, and wherever it lands, hop into action and jump to the color!

May 3

11AM—Animal Homes

Draw inspiration from Yolarnie Amepou, the first female zoologist from Papua New Guinea, as you design and construct habitats for your favorite animals. 

3PM—Reflect on Animals

Inspired by our pets and the animals we see in nature, decorate the walls of our Reflect On exhibit with animal friends! 

May 8 

11AM—Invertebrate Voyage

Embark on an exciting journey inspired by Zoologist Libbie Henrietta Hyman! Observe toy invertebrates and unleash your artistic talents as you sketch images of your favorite creatures.    

3PM—Rocket into Fun

Prepare for lift-off! Explore the principles of physics as you craft and decorate a rocket. Then, launch your creations into the sky and watch as they soar toward the stars! 

May 11

11AM—Bubble Dance Party

Pop in to jump and dance to fun music while surrounded by a sea of bubbles at this lively and fun dance party!   

3PM—Teacher Treasures

Show appreciation for teachers during Teacher Appreciation Week by crafting thoughtful pencil and pen holders out of air-dry clay! 

May 16


Read "I Am Golden" by Eva Chen and Illustrator Sophie Diao and follow the journey of a child moving to a new country and discovering the beauty of embracing uniqueness. Afterward, express self-love by creating vibrant self-portrait puppets!   

3PM—Breathing Wands

Craft calming breathing wands, perfect for teaching soothing breath exercises to cast peace of mind. 

May 17

11AM—Balloon Freeze

Dance, groove, and stop with Balloon Freeze! Move to the rhythm but be ready to strike a pose when the music stops—all while keeping a balloon afloat. 

3PM—Cup-Tastic Stacking

Reach new heights! Put your engineering skills to the test and build the tallest tower you can out of cups! 

May 18

11AM—Bubble Dance Party

Pop in to jump and dance to fun music while surrounded by a sea of bubbles at this lively and fun dance party!   

3PM—Puffy Paint Ice Cream

Get ready for summer treats with Puffy Paint Ice Cream! Let your creativity swirl as you create delicious-looking ice cream art using puffy paint. 

May 19

11AM—Parachute Play

Learn about physics as you craft parachutes using recyclable materials. Then, test your creations by guiding objects safely to the ground—a thrilling activity for aspiring scientists and adventurers!     

3PM—Helpful Inventions

Unleash your creativity and innovation! Imagine a million possibilities as you design inventions to improve everyday life using collage materials.

May 22

11AM—Up-Cycled Art

Old items can find new life when we use them for art instead of throwing them away! Use recyclable materials instead of a brush to paint. 

3PM—Parachute Flyers

Soar into a high-flying experience! Create your own parachute flyers and test them out by launching them in our wind tunnel!

May 23

May 24

11AM—Stick it to Rhythm

Explore the rhythm of music to make various sounds with sticks, featuring music from Yo-Yo Ma! 

3PM—Barnyard Bash

Step into the shoes (or hooves!) of barnyard animals with Barnyard Bash! Wear fun animal costumes and play carnival games! 

11AM—Bubble Dance Party

Pop in to jump and dance to fun music while surrounded by a sea of bubbles at this lively and fun dance party!   

3PM—Natural Collage

Inspired by the color nature/florals seen in JUURI's artwork, get closer to nature in your communities by creating nature collage art!  

May 25


May 26

11AM—Fizzy Bins

Find hidden creatures with science! Drop vinegar and green watercolor onto the baking soda bins and view the chemical reaction that it makes. 

3PM—Eco Sculptures

Inspired by Haegue Yang, use recyclable materials to create sculptures! 

May 27 - Memorial Day

11AM—Parachute Play

Decorate pinwheels inspired by flowers that bloom in May (such as roses and peonies), to give to a friend.    

3PM—Bubble Dance Party

Pop in to jump and dance to fun music while surrounded by a sea of bubbles at this lively and fun dance party! 

11AM—Storytime+Art - Guest Author

Listen to a reading of "My Park To Playa" by the author herself, Nell Cross Beckerman. The story follows the journey of discovering a bit of nature within the communities we live in and how that connects us all. Afterwards, we'll continue exploring with nature sensory play and blowing pinwheel dandelions. 

3PM—Reflect On Nature

Imagine your favorite places to explore nature and bring those scenes to life in the walls of our Reflect On exhibit.  

May 29

11AM—Compliment Creations

Design and decorate a compliment box for someone you love. Fill it with heartfelt drawings and messages for them! 

3PM—Apple Sensory Bins

Explore Apple Sensory bins! Plant "apple" seeds into recyclable tree's and explore textures like oats and soil! 

May 30


May 31


Delve into the heartwarming tale of "Cora Cooks Pancit" and embark on a culinary journey through Filipino culture. Afterward, craft foods you eat with your loved ones. 

3PM—The Floor is Lava

Navigate from one color to another based on our color wheel, but beware—the floor is lava! Test your agility and balance in this fun movement game. 

11AM—Frame Frenzy

Decorate picture frames with foam letters, stickers, beads, and gems, creating personalized treasures to gift to your loved ones. 

3PM—Obstacle Course

Get ready for an adventure! Navigate balance beams, hop on 'stones,' and crawl through tunnels to reach the finish line. 


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