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APril in bloom


Spring into the season! Join us at the Cayton for fun seasonal spring activities.

April showers dampening your plans? No worries! We've got you covered with an array of engaging indoor play options. Come join us for a fantastic time filled with messy play, sensory experiences, and seasonal fun! 

Weekly Activities


April 10–14

Jordan Nassar - Join us in Art Studio I and get inspired by Jordan Nassar! From creating intricate print designs to using yarn as a unique paint tool, explore your creativity with textures, color, and paint.

Daily Activities

April 3

Media Masterpieces—11AM

Inspired by Jackie Milad’s mixed media art, create your own nature themed artwork using magazine cut-outs, fabric and paint.

April 11


Read "The Very Hungry Caterpillar" by Eric Carle about a caterpillar who transforms into a butterfly. Then, let your imagination flutter as you craft colorful caterpillar art! ⁠ 


April 14

Reflect on Spring—11AM

Capture the magic of the season! Join us in drawing blooming spring scenes in the mirrors of our Reflect On exhibit. 

April 20

Floating Flowers—3PM

Explore hydro-dipping with flowers! Draw abstract flower designs on cardstock, then dip them water sprinkled with crushed chalk.


April 17-21

Ammar Khammash – Craft homes for backyard critters inspired by architech, Ammar Khammash. From cozy nests to mini mansions, let your imagination run wild as you create homes out of recyclable materials.

April 4

Storytime + Art—11AM

Join us for a special reading of “Butterflies Are Pretty Gross” by Rosemary Mosco. Afterwards, create a collage of butterflies!

April 12


Read "Listen, Listen" by Phillis Gershator exploring the changes in sounds, animals, and colors across the seasons. Afterward, unleash your creativity by crafting nature scenes that showcase your favorite season!  

April 17

Fab Fabrics—11AM

Inspired by the mindfulness practices of fiber artist Aneesa Shami Zizzo, embark on a creative journey using upcycled fabric to craft art pieces that evoke the beauty of nature. 

April 21

Nature Mural—11AM

Draw inspiration from photographer Ayesha Abassi and team up to create a stunning mural in our Art Studio filled with mountains, trees, flowers, and more!


April 24-27

Arab American National Museum Garden: Al Hadiqa - Dive into garden-themed sensory bins teeming with potting soil, "insects", and flowers. Discover hidden treasures, and immerse yourself in the sensory wonders of a garden. 

April 6

Architect Adventure—3PM

Channel your inner architect inspired by Zaha Hadid! Put your engineering skills to the test as you attempt to build the tallest tower! 

April 13


Read "Rainbow Fish" by Marcus Pfister, about a beautiful rainbow fish who learns about sharing & being kind to others. Then, create rainbow fish by using collage materials to create layered scales.   

April 18


Embark on an adventure in "Our Planet! There's No Place Like Earth" by Stacy McAnulty and discover the wonders of our planet. Then, unleash your creativity with an Earth-inspired art activity! 

April 24

Clay Creations—11AM

Inspired by Hessa Al Ajmani, a natural clay artists, mold air-dry clay into bowls, plates, and mini sculptures, decorating them with dried flowers for a touch of natural elegance.

April 25


Read "Wonder Walkers" by Micha Archer, about a group of kids exploring nature! Afterward, let your creativity soar with a nature-inspired art activity!  

April 26

Scavenger Hunt—3PM

Search high and low around the museum for nature scenes that can be found all across California! From the mountains to the beaches, find them all to win a sticker prize! 

April 27

Eco Accessories—3PM

Harness the power of stylish sustainability by crafting grass crowns from recycled materials.

Media Mastery—3PM

Draw inspiration from the artwork of Helen Zughaib, who creates art to share stories of her culture and express hope. Dive into a mixed media adventure, combining various art materials to narrate tales of your family and cultural heritage.

April 28

Natural Art—3PM

Inspired by the work of Sherin Guirguis, create abstract nature sculptures out of recyclable materials!


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