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a Donation

Every $25 = can underwrite a visit for an adult and child

Big or Small, Support Play For All

There are many children living in our own community that don’t have access to safe or meaningful places to play.

But play shouldn’t be a luxury—it is necessary to building the physical, social and emotional skills that help children grow into strong and healthy adults. Make a donation today to help make the Cayton a place where all children and families can learn, discover, connect and grow.


There are many different ways that you can support equity in play! Scroll down to learn more about the many ways you can give or click on your preferred method above.


Ways to Give

a Donation 

Every $25 = can underwrite a visit for an adult and child


MAKE a one-time or recurring donation today to support the museum's public programs and access initiatives. Your contribution is 100% tax-deductible and can help underwrite the price of admission for a family in a low-income household. 



a Monthly Donor


Become a monthly or annual donor to create a continuous and reliable source of funding for the Cayton year-round. Your gift will be charged automatically based on the frequency you choose. And there are no strings attached—your gift can be modified or canceled at any time.

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by Mail or Phone

If you would like to make a major gift or feel more comfortable making a contribution offline, you can reach us by mail or phone.

By Mail

Mail your donation to:

Cayton Children’s Museum

Re: Development Office

395 Santa Monica Place, #374

Santa Monica, CA 90401


By Phone

To make a donation by phone or to discuss giving opportunities, please contact the Cayton Development Department, at or 424.416.8342.

For questions or to learn more, please contact: Cayton Development Department

Phone: 424.416.8342 / Email:


via Wire Transfer/ACH

Making a donation via wire transfer/ACH is the quickest way to get funds to us—and one of the easiest ways for you to process a donation. To process a donation via wire, click here for our banking information.

Important: If you are wiring from Fidelity, please notify us that your donation is being wired and the name on the wire. Fidelity does not disclose any donor information so we will not know who the wire came from.   


Because we receive limited information when funds are wired to our account, help us ensure that you are credited as the donor so your gift is properly received and acknowledged. To notify us that you plan to make a donation via wire transfer, please email the following information to the Cayton Development Department, at, or call 424.416.8342:


— Name of donor and mailing address

— Name of fund administrator/initiator

— Donation amount

For questions or to learn more, please contact: Cayton Development Department

Phone: 424.416.8342 / Email:


a Major Gift

We exist today because

of the generous support

of our individual donors and philanthropists.


When you make a major gift to the Cayton of $2,500 or more, you are helping to remove barriers that limit some children from experiencing the transformational power of play. You are creating opportunities for children of all backgrounds to learn and grow from and with one another. You are investing in the culture, health and well-being of our Los Angeles community. And you are advocating for equity and inclusiveness in play when it is needed most.


Our development team can work with you to find a need within the organization that best speaks to you and your family, while exploring the most meaningful ways that we can acknowledge your support in the museum.

To learn more about major gift opportunities, please contact: Cayton Development Department

Phone: 424.416.8342 / Email:

Below are a number of ways
you can make a major gift:


Support our General Operations

When you make a gift to support our general operations, you give our leadership team the flexibility to use funds at our discretion, giving us greater capacity to respond to the ever-changing needs of our institution. Unrestricted gifts are critical to the stability and longevity of the organization by supporting not just one part of the organization—but all areas of the organization.


Sponsor a Program

From public arts programming to early childhood initiatives to Cayton On-the-Go community programs, there are many programs at the Cayton in need of funding support. We can work with you to find a program that speaks to your interests or your family’s values for a lasting impact. Gifts can be made to go toward funding of a program or can underwrite all of a program’s costs for a year or multiple years.


Exhibit Underwriting
& Naming Opportunities

Leave a lasting legacy for your children, their children and our community by naming an exhibit or community space at the museum. Exhibit and space underwriting opportunities start at $100,000 and go up to $1M for Museum Exhibit Wing underwriting. All pledges can be made outright or over multiple years. As a major museum funder, you will be recognized for the lifetime of the museum on exhibit or wing signage as well as on a “blade of grass” in our Generosity Garden, which acknowledges our most significant donors.

Funding Options

We offer a number of ways you can structure your gift. When possible, we encourage donors to make their contribution outright to support our immediate needs, however we also provide the option of spreading out payment over multiple years to make larger commitments of $10,000 and above more feasible. Donors can also split up a pledge across multiple payment options, such as pairing a cash gift with a gift of stock to meet your desired donation amount. Donors can also choose to make a major pledge today that will be rendered at a later date that is mutually agreed-upon. Our development team will work with you to structure an option that meets your giving capacity while meeting the organization’s needs.

Donor Acknowledgment

At the Cayton, we acknowledge our major funders in creative, playful and significant ways. Annual donor acknowledgment opportunities start at gifts of $1,000 or more while larger gifts of $25,000 and above are recognized on signature art installations for the lifetime of the museum. Underwriters of exhibit and community spaces are acknowledged on exhibits and vibrant exhibit wing signage at each of the five core museum wings, in addition to the above opportunities.

In 2021, we are introducing the Play for All Wall, a new art installation that will recognize all donors who make gifts of $2,500 and above in support of our Free Admission & Equity Initiative. Supporters will be acknowledged on a wooden tile that will increase in size based on the size of the gift.

Family observing the Cayton Play for All wall

To learn more about major gift opportunities, please contact: Cayton Development Department

Phone: 424.416.8342 / Email:


a Super Duper Member

Join our Super Duper Membership Circle to support the Cayton’s efforts and get the benefits of being an annual member like expedited entry, access to members-only hours and events and the ability to come whenever you want (when our doors are open, silly).


We count on the philanthropy of our Super Duper members to continue providing free admission to the LA community and bring play into neighborhoods through nonprofit community partnerships—so your membership makes a BIG difference.


The Gift Of Stock

Make a gift of stock, securities or mutual fund shares is an impactful way to advocate for equity in play. Making this gift is simple and comes with a number of benefits, including:

Makes It Easier To Pledge
A Major Gift

Reaching a major gift goal can be made easier by pairing a cash gift with a gift of stock. For instance, if you want to make a $25,000 gift but can only pay $10,000 in cash, you can pair your cash gift with a $15,000 gift in stock, or any combination.

Helps Stretch Your Gift

Making a gift of appreciated stock, bonds or mutual funds doesn’t only benefit the Cayton—it also helps you. For one, you will receive a charitable income tax deduction for the full fair market value of the securities, and at the same time you may avoid capital gains taxes on appreciated stock.


How To Make Your Gift

Step One: Donate Stock


Please provide your broker with the following information:

Name of Account: Sharewell

Financial Institution: Pershing LLC

DTC Number: 0443

For The Benefit Of: Cayton Children’s Museum

Account: A9G065576

Tax ID: 20-1470992

Step Two: Notify Us

We do not receive any information about the donor when stock or mutual funds are transferred to our account. Help us credit you as the donor so we can ensure all gifts are properly received and acknowledged.

Please email the Cayton Development Department, at or 424.416.8342 either before or after donating securities and provide the following information about the gift:

— Name of the stock

— Number of shares

— Your name and address

As always, we recommend that you consult a tax professional with any specific questions.

For questions or to learn more, please contact: Cayton Development Department

Phone: 424.416.8342 / Email:


a DediCayton


Donate in honor of someone by making a “DediCayton.” Your DediCayton will bring inspiration and joy to thousands of children and families while celebrating the memory or individuality of someone that is extra special

to you.


Your Legacy

You can support the Cayton and leave a lasting impact for your children, grandchildren and generations to come by making a legacy gift. Legacy, or planned gifts, can make a huge difference in our long-term health and financial stability while giving you significant tax and monetary benefits.


There are a number of ways you can include the Cayton in your long-term planning. The simplest way is to include us as a bequest in your estate plans or will. You can also choose to designate us as a beneficiary of your retirement plan, life insurance policy, bank account, stock and securities or property. Some donors also choose to establish a charitable trust, which can allow them to make recurring contributions to the Cayton during their lifetime and beyond.

To discuss making a legacy gift to the Cayton, please contact: Cayton Development Department

Phone: 424.416.8342 / Email:

Note: Please consult your tax, legal, or financial advisors concerning the specific details of making a legacy gift to the Cayton and to help you determine which approach is best for you.


Through a Donor
Advised Fund (DAF)

Making a contribution through a donor advised fund, or DAF, gives you the flexibility to tailor your philanthropic giving, recommending how much and how often money

is granted to the Cayton Children’s Museum.


It’s a great way to put your charitable dollars to work, whether you want to make a one-time unrestricted grant or a recurring grant to a campaign or program. You can also designate the Cayton as a beneficiary of the entire account or a percentage of the fund.

How to make a gift
through your DAF


STEP 1: Request a grant distribution through your DAF fund administrator. Make sure to include our EIN #: 20-1470992


STEP 2: Indicate whether your gift is unrestricted or designated to a specific program or effort that aligns with your interests (Please note that the Cayton prefers unrestricted gifts so the organization can choose where the dollars are needed most.)


STEP 3: Ask your fund administrator to mail your donation or pay by ACH with documentation that includes the donor’s identity and intent for how funds should be used or allocated.

By Mail:

Cayton Children’s Museum

395 Santa Monica Place, #374

Santa Monica, CA 90401


Wire transfer instructions can be downloaded here.

For questions or to learn more, please contact: Cayton Development Department

Phone: 424.416.8342 / Email:


Matching Gift

Ask your company to match your gift and your contribution to the Cayton Children’s Museum can be doubled or tripled in value, thereby maximizing your impact!

Talk to your employer or HR department to see if they have a matching gift program. If they do, request a matching gift form from your employer and follow the directions to initiate the match.

Next, email or mail your form to the Cayton and we will notify you when your gift has been matched.


By Email: Send your form to with the subject line “Matching Gift – YOUR NAME.” Someone from our team will confirm upon receipt.

By Mail: Mail your form to:

Cayton Children’s Museum

Re: Matching Gift

395 Santa Monica Place, #374

Santa Monica, CA 90401

For questions or to learn more, please contact: Cayton Development Department

Phone: 424.416.8342 / Email:


a Corporate Supporter

The Cayton Children’s Museum is committed to activating the power of play as a force for good—and, together, with our corporate partners, we can achieve that. Partnering with the Cayton can give your company a creative and meaningful way to promote your social responsibility efforts while helping increase access to play for thousands of children and families across Los Angeles County.

We offer fun and engaging corporate partnership opportunities that demonstrate your company’s values and commitment to equity in play with the flexibility to develop customized partnerships that help meet your brand goals. Here are a few ways you can partner with

the Cayton:

Corporate Membership

If your company is based or has offices in Los Angeles County, corporate membership is a great way for you to provide a rewarding benefit for your employees while reminding your team that work should be fun.

Corporate memberships provide all of our membership benefits for your employees and their immediate families at an annual fee that is based on the size of your staff. In addition, your company will be recognized on annual donor signage and in museum publications and promotional materials for your generous support.

Help Stretch Your Gift

Support the Cayton through a company grant and be our partner in increasing access to play. Our Corporate Giving program gives your company or brand a meaningful way to reach your corporate philanthropy objectives while positioning you as a positive force in the community and building brand loyalty.


There are a number of ways that your company can give to the Cayton.

You can make a corporate gift to the Cayton to support our overall nonprofit mission or direct it to a program that strongly aligns with your core brand values. We will work with you to customize a corporate acknowledgment plan that best fits your annual objectives.

If you have a corporate foundation or grant-giving program, the Cayton can put your philanthropic dollars to work to create a brighter future for the children of Los Angeles. A myriad of public programs designed to promote multiculturalism and early childhood development, as well as community outreach programs that bring the Cayton into underserved neighborhoods, make an investment in the Cayton—an investment in the community. We welcome the opportunity to apply for funding through your corporate foundation to achieve our shared goals.


Cause Marketing

We believe in authentic partnerships with purpose-driven brands that are committed to creating a better world built on equity, inclusivity, acceptance and belonging. If your company or brand aligns with these principles, consider a cause marketing partnership with the Cayton. Whether your company is interested in a donation with purchase, consumer pledge drive or employee engagement opportunities, partnering with the Cayton on a cause marketing initiative can drive sales while demonstrating your corporate values to your consumers in ways that are meaningful and engaging.

For questions or to learn more, please contact: Cayton Development Department

Phone: 424.416.8342 / Email:


Our organization earned a 2021 Gold Seal of Transparency!

Now, everyone can view our financial details and learn about the people at our organization. Check out our updated #NonprofitProfile on Candid:

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