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Promising Play for All

Honoring the Legacy of Esther Netter

Esther has dedicated 36 years to developing the vision and foundation for what is now the Cayton Children’s Museum. Her dream began in a modest 600 square foot play space in the Westside Jewish Community Center. Esther grew her vision into the beloved Zimmer Children’s Museum, a place where children flourished, and families connected for nearly two decades. Today, her dream has been fully realized with the Cayton.


As a testament to Esther’s legacy, we are concluding the Promise Fun by inviting our community of supporters and collaborators to celebrate the Cayton’s limitless potential for generations to come and help honor Esther’s retirement by naming our Art Studio II in her honor.

Esther’s Art Studio is a blank canvas for budding artists to begin exploring what it means to express themselves creatively. No surface is off limits – visitors can use the entire room and everything in it to create their masterpiece including “Art Crawl” for the baby and toddler Picassos in our lives to go wild with non-toxic paint.


Just like Esther’s vision for the Museum, the creativity nurtured in Art Studio II knows no bounds and we thank you for continuing her legacy through our Promise Fund community!

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