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Cultural Festivals 

Cayton festivals celebrate the arts and cultural diversity of every season. 

Every season tells its own story, and Cayton Festivals revel in sharing their narrative from a wide range of cultures with special guests and performances, seasonal music, and immersive art. 


Spring Splendor


Come celebrate at the Cayton with an entire day of activities for the whole family to enjoy—including a performance by the acclaimed Anaheim Ballet!

As winter frost thaws and the earth begins to re-awaken, growth and blooming is the hallmark of Spring Splendor. We nurture new beginnings from the tiniest seedlings to the smallest creatures as we bask in the longer days of sunshine showered with vivid vernal colors. 


Leisel Plambeck


Take artistic flight with artist Liesel Plambeck’s colorful “6 Giant Cranes” soaring installation. 

Festival Highlights

CREATE buzzworthy sustainable bug habitats and embark on a bug hunt. 

DECORATE flowerpots so your spring blooms have a beautiful place to grow.

DAZZLE with a Cayton Festival Favorite: face painting! 


Anaheim Dance Company 


Watch the graceful dancers of the Anaheim Ballet company fly without wings! 


1:30–4:30PM Face painting with Rainbow Painted Smiles 

10AM–4:30PM  Spring Splendor 
Make a crown with flowers

Build a bug out of airdry clay

—Create a bug habitat out of recycled materials   

10:00-4:30PM  Community Garden 

—Design flowerpots to take home

—Plant seeds in the Cayton Community Garden

—Explore spring sensory bins – flowers, leaves, pinecones, drift logs

10:00-4:30PM  Origami Making – design unique origami paper and fold a baby crane 

Bug hunt in the Derfner theater 


Frequently Asked Questions

Check out the FAQ page HERE

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