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  • Cayton Children's Museum | Explore Our Space | Los Angeles, California

    EXPLORE OUR SPACE LAUNCH YOUR LET'S HELP REACH FOR REFLECT ON TOGETHER WE COMMUNITY SPACES FAQ It's Time To Play The Cayton offers 21,000 square feet of discovery-based exhibits, from a real-life helicopter to a miniature marketplace to immersive augmented reality —and so much more. Add on art studios, a state-of-the-art theatre, and adaptable community spaces: you and your child can experience the Cayton differently every time. Exhibit Wings — Launch Your — Let’s Help — Reach For — Reflect On — Together We Launch Your Launch Your is a special space for our youngest visitors (ages 0-2)—who are just beginning to explore and discover newfound skills and strengths. A moving mobile of colors and shapes brings the ceiling to life as little ones slide, crawl, and make new friends. Crawl, Climb & Grow Our littlest guests stretch their minds and bodies as they climb over hills and valleys, make faces in the mirror, and meet new friends! This special enclosed section gives babies and toddlers a safe, engaging space to practice crawling, walking, and getting to know their community. Skyscape Generously donated by Erwin Rautenberg Foundation Skyscape engages our youngest visitors and all of us who gaze upwards. With gently moving mobiles and a flock of artistic flying shapes, Skyscape combines color, movement, air, and whimsy to stimulate our senses and engage our minds. Let's Help Generously donated by Dr. Gabriel Chiu & Christine Chiu Let’s Help teaches children the many ways they can serve and support their community as active citizens who help one another, respond, rescue, and play. Jump into Community How do we measure up to our best selves? Jump into Community! Watch as a slow-motion video replays each jump attempt and records how much height visitors gain as they leap. Each time visitors return, they can challenge themselves to jump even higher and exceed their goal, gaining confidence and perseverance every time. Fire Station Fire stations are pillars in every community. They are home to our unsung heroes, who are brave enough to put themselves on the line every day for the safety of local citizens. At our own Cayton Fire Station, our visitors imagine themselves as real-life heroes in our communities. With an accompanying closet of bunker gear and fire hats, aspiring firefighters can play the part with pride as they practice responsibility through rescue. To the Rescue! Generously donated by DiPaola Family Foundation Made from a recycled Coast Guard rescue boat, To the Rescue! floats in a ball-pit sea where young visitors imagine their roles as first responders. To the Rescue! prompts ideas of selflessness, community responsibility, and compassion for all those in need of help, as visitors work together with life-savers, vests, and ropes to jump to safety. Help-a-Copter Generously donated by The Birkhofer Family, The Freed Family, and Richard and Suzanne Norton. This exhibit is more than a helicopter. Our Help-a-copter, powered by friends, is covered in chrome and shines its message of rescue throughout Let’s Help. When entering the Help-a-copter cockpit, visitors heed a call to action as first responders flying to rescue, fueled by the power of imagination. Our Animal Hospital Generously donated by VCA Animal Hospitals Treating animals, fixing what is broken, and caring for animals in need: Our Animal Hospital provides accessible and imaginative ways to practice caretaking and healing. Children and youth can become veterinarians-- and the animals in need of care!-- at Our Animal Hospital. Costumes line the walls, and with an examination table, instruments, and more, the creative play possibilities are infinite. Community Market The Community Market is a discovery-based space for our visitors to play, shop, and serve. Complete with a working scanner and register, the Market gives little visitors the opportunity to take turns playing the part of shopper, stocker, and cashier, helping them to understand what it means to serve in a community. Café Generously donated by The Kallick Family The Café is a place for our visitors to practice helping, serving, and providing for one another through play. The café food represents a diverse cuisine, so visitors can share their favorite holiday treats and family traditions with each other. Little visitors can pick up “farm-fresh” produce at the Market next door and bring their groceries straight to the table! Reach For In Reach For, children discover their individual ability to achieve. These exhibits inspire children to test new heights and strive further with each visit. Reach For is our platform for visitors to see the world through new perspectives. Courage Climber Suspended from the ceiling in a canopy of colorful ropes, the Courage Climber gives children opportunities to experience many different vantage points and perspectives. Climbers can safely reach different levels of the exhibit per their ability and work their way up to greater heights over time. Sinking circles, rocky valleys, flexible tunnels, and lookout perches join together in this exhibit of challenges and discoveries. Leave Your Footprint Generously donated by Jennifer and Curtis Cohen Leave Your Mark features a ceiling projection that gives our visitors the opportunity to leave footprints for others to follow. Engaging virtual landscapes make visitors dance and chase the shifting patterns, leaping and turning as the environment responds to their movements. Reflect On Through introspection, reflection, and connection, children learn to listen and observe the world around them. Reflect On provides the opportunity for our visitors to interact with each other gently, and practice being calm, quiet, and introspective. This area can be a great space for sensory sensitive visitors who need a break. In Tune With Nature This room uses immersive technology to recreate lively nature scenes to nurture our appreciation for the stillness and beauty of the environment. When you enter the space full of energy, movement and sound, butterflies scatter and leave the walls--but when you are quiet, still, and calm, the butterflies return, encouraging us to slow down, notice, look, and reflect. Hello Booth Generously donated by The Braun Family Inspired by the Telephone of the Wind in Japan, this is a very special and profound exhibit at the Cayton. A small, telephone booth-like space, the Hello Booth is filled with traditional, corded telephones. Calls can reach anywhere you desire because they’re activated by the most powerful and effective network in the world: your imagination. Ripple Effect Generously donated by The Pearlstein Family With touch, Ripple Effect shows the patterns of currents and flow. As the exhibit spins, so too do the suspended particles. The rotation produces patterns that resemble the currents of the ocean, the spirals of our galaxy, and the wonder of infinity. Calming, patterned, and quiet, the experience focuses us on thought, imagination, and observation. Wishing Wall Generously donated by Larry and Stacey Kohl A profoundly moving exhibit in the museum, our Wishing Wall is created with inspiration from many cultures, sacred spaces, sites, and memorials throughout the world. Here, open-ended prompts invite children and adults to draw and write their own wishes, ideas, and thoughts, in any language or format. This wall prompts reflection, response, and questioning, evolving every day as it fills with the hopes and dreams of our visitors. Glow With Us Always glowing dimly, Glow with Us shines brighter with each hand that touches it. As little visitors add their hands to the wall, a symphony of sound, light, and vibration creates a full sensory experience that represents the way our inner light is magnified when we connect with others. Infinite Reflection Generously donated by The Held Foundation Here, a child’s reflection is represented infinitely, highlighting each person’s ability to make a difference simply with their existence. There are ripple effects to what one says, how one acts, and how one shows up in all parts of life; this space helps young people visualize the extraordinary impact of their presence. Together We Teamwork is at the heart of Together We, where exhibits are designed to encourage collaborative play, communication, and discovery to explore what is possible when we work together. Together We is a collection of exhibit experiences that you can do on your own, but the experience is amplified when done together with others. Together We is a space that reminds us that we need each other and celebrates the magic that happens when we come together. All Systems Go! Generously donated by Simms/Mann Family Foundation This interactive Rube Goldberg-inspired ball machine engages children and adults of all ages, sizes, and abilities in a constantly moving process. Balls move upward with solo play, but visitors find the activity exponentially more complex and fun when working together as in a group. Teamwork Waterworks Teamwork Waterworks invites our visitors to make waves, create, invent and journey through water play together. This multimodal experience is uniquely designed for little visitors to explore an infinite number of waterways. Build, sail, explore, play, and observe as droplets turn into rivers —mirroring how each of our individual actions can make an impact, but together, we can shape the world. Masterpiece Makers Generously donated by The Younes & Soraya Nazarian Family Foundation A larger-than-life two-sided art and technology experience engages visitors instantly at Masterpiece Makers. On one side, every move you make triggers sweeping bursts of colorful light, and on the other, interchangeable magnets can be shaped and stacked in infinitely different ways to create a new network of patterns every time. Wisdom Wall As Albert Einstein once said, “Play is the highest form of research.” The Wisdom Wall is where we aim to inspire by sharing the wisdom of great thinkers, artists, and leaders. This exhibit uses real train-station split-flap technology to share thousands of quotes every day, providing an ever-changing treasure trove of inspiration. Together We Celebrate Together We Celebrate is an enclosed, clear booth ready to be filled with celebration. Press the magic button and watch the confetti and colored fabric swirl all around the air. This experience illustrates how even the smallest actions can illuminate our surroundings and inspire joy in one another. Bubbles, Bubbles, Bubbles Note: Due to COVID-19 restrictions this exhibit is temporary closed. Generously donated by Sydney D. Holland Foundation This exhibit allows visitors to create larger-than-life, iridescent bubbles. Little ones can work together to raise the bubble bar and blow through the shimmery layer to produce mesmerizing shapes that float throughout the museum space! Community Spaces Community spaces are just that: for the whole community. These spaces bring together people from all walks of life into a welcoming and accessible space, transforming for a wide range of events. S. Mark Taper Foundation Brilliant Blue Room Generously donated by S. Mark Taper Foundation The S. Mark Taper Brilliant Blue Room seamlessly blends into the Cayton play space, combining creative aesthetic and functionality. It provides an adaptable space for after-school programs, art workshops, museum programming, and an endless variety of events tailored just for you. To book this space for your next celebration, click here . Generosity Garden Words cannot fully express our gratitude to all the donors who contributed to making the Cayton Children’s Museum possible. “Blades of Grass” adorned with the names of our donors of $25,000 and above run the length of our Lobby’s south wall, creating a garden of gratitude to our community of dreamers and supporters. The Lounge and Nursing Nook At the Cayton, we strive to create spaces that support, welcome, and encourage a family experience. The Lounge is where families rest, recharge, and refuel in between play. With a seating area and healthy vending machines, this is our designated space in the museum for families to eat together. Tucked just behind The Lounge is the Nursery Nook— our designated breastfeeding room for visitors who prefer some privacy while feeding their babies. Note: Due to COVID-19 restrictions, eating is currently not permitted in the Cayton. The Derfner Theater Generously donated by The Derfner Foundation Imagination leads the way in the Derfner Theater, the Cayton’s central place of gathering. Our carpeted Theater features Big Green Blocks generously donated by Bright Day, and transforms for story times, music and dance, and so much more. The Theater offers state-of-the-art media capacity and an adaptable environment for a wide range of events, providing an ideal space for product launches, fundraisers, and more elaborate celebrations. To book this space for your next event, click here . Museum Store Highly curated and thoughtfully imagined, the Cayton’s Museum Store is a reflection of all of the values and principles that live within the museum’s exhibits and programs. Costumes give children an opportunity to put themselves in the shoes of a first responder, veterinarian, or superhero in their own homes. Book titles by local authors educate visitors on universal values, injustice, and social responsibility. Exhibit-inspired toys like fire trucks and helicopters let them practice what they learn in the museum beyond our walls. From puzzles to plush animals, every item sold in our store has been brought here with intention and purpose. And, as a 501c3 nonprofit organization, every dollar spent in the store goes back into the museum to underwrite free admission for L.A. County residents. Kevin & Chelsea Washington Art Studio Generously donated by Kevin and Chelsea Washington The Kevin & Chelsea Washington Art Studio is our pivotal center for creativity. From our daily free art studio programs to compelling classes, the Art Studio invites visitors to explore, create, imagine, and play. Pick up a paintbrush, mold some clay, or gather materials to build a collage--anything is possible here. Art Studio II In Art Studio II, visitors don’t just make masterpieces--they become them. This studio is primarily used for our littlest creators at Art Crawls, where they put on paintable onesies or diapers and are free to paint the floors, walls, and whatever else they please. Masterful spills, globs, fingerprints, footprints and more fill the room with energy, joy, giggles, and inspiration. The Grand Exit Generously donated by Rayni and Branden Williams Strike a pose in front of the massive mural, snap a photo and capture your memory in the most photogenic space of the museum. The Grand Exit is the place for a final gathering of groups, families, and events before leaving the museum, so our guests can say one final goodbye--until next time! Frequently Asked Questions Check out the FAQ page HERE

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    COMMUNITY PROGRAMS COMMUNITY PROGRAMS CREATIVITY KIT CAYTON ON THE GO SENSORY SENSITIVITY TABLING Community Programs The Cayton Children’s Museum believes that all families in LA County should have access to play. We offer a unique variety of creative and interactive programs beyond our walls and throughout our community. Partnering with local organizations, schools, and community events the Cayton provides opportunities for children and their families to participate in active, artistic, and purposeful play. Cayton Creativity Kit Program This “quarantine-era” born program is designed to make Cayton’s signature brand of process-based art making, DIY, for families at home or in the classroom. Kits are assembled quarterly by volunteer crews of Cayton Children’s Museum member families and supplied to partner organizations that support children and their families through client drop-in or otherwise transient programs. These DIY kits are then distributed at community resource events, homeless shelters, to clinical behavioral therapists, public school art festivals, community arts & literacy events. Cayton-On-The-Go Cayton-on-the-Go is a mobile museum program for children ages 2-8 that incorporates interactive storytelling, singing & movement games, and process- based visual artmaking. Kids can participate individually or in cooperation with their parent/caregiver. Cayton-on-the-Go creativity workshops are facilitated on-site in the local community served by our partner organizations (or virtually via online platform). These organizations are engaged as strategic partners because of their focus on child development and education for young children and their families. Every Cayton-on-the-Go creativity workshop is designed to support the participant’s cognitive, behavioral, and socio-emotional development through creative play and art exploration. Cayton “Sensory Sensitivity Events” Starting in 2022 the Cayton will begin hosting quarterly “Sensory Sensitivity Events.” These events are designed for community organizations that support families of children with diverse abilities and special needs. The Cayton invites these organizations to the museum for custom events that cater to sensory sensitivity and other special needs that can make the museum a more personable experience forall. Tabling The Cayton loves engaging and interacting with families in our community at local events and activities. We bring our creative activities to tables at a variety of events including: Locals Night on the Santa Monia Pier, WIN’s Back to Preschool Event, Santa Monica Arts and Literacy Festival, and the Venice Art Walk. Supporters Thank you to the Cayton Children’s Museum Community Programs supporters: Cayton community programs is made possible by The Institute of Museum and Library Services Cayton community programs are supported, in part, by the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors through the Los Angeles County Department of Arts and Culture. Frequently Asked Questions Check out the FAQ page HERE

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    purposeful programs FIELD TRIPS SCHEDULED PROGRAMS ART STUDIO CAYTON CLASSES COMMUNITY PROGRAMS CAMP CAYTON CAYTON SPOTLIGHT FAQ Programming For All The Cayton offers a unique variety of creative and interactive programs to enhance the museum experience both within our space and beyond our walls. Guests experience our enriching programs every day at the museum. We provide youth, ages 0-10, and their families opportunities to participate in active, artistic, and purposeful play. Field Trips Turn your school day into a one-of-a-kind experience! LEARN MORE At the Cayton Children’s Museum, learning means connecting to arts, to the world, and most of all, to one another. We are delighted to offer tours for students from pre-kindergarten through 3rd grade. School visits to the museum, in-person or virtually, extend classroom learning and provide lifelong tools for success! Scheduled Programs At the Cayton, playing means connecting to the arts, to the world, and most of all—to one another. We offer free activities for our guests on a daily basis, including: dance, drama, music, and storytime. Check our schedule regularly to see our latest offerings. LEARN MORE Kevin & Chelsea Washington Art Studio Join us in the Art Studio to use your imagination and create your very own piece of art. We offer brand new arts and crafts activities every week, using recycled materials, play dough, feathers, non-toxic paint and more! HOURS Weekdays 10:30—11:30am 3:30—4:30pm Weekends 9:30—11:30am COST Free! Cayton Classes Our one-of-a-kind classes allow children to participate in unique play experiences. From outdoor adventures to creator clubs to physical fitness, our special classes will help foster your child’s sense discovery, imagination, and creativity. LEARN MORE Community Programs Bring the museum to you! With Cayton Community Programs, we bring the museum experience to your community through partnerships with local organizations, schools, and community events. LEARN MORE Camp Cayton Build, create, and explore with one of our seasonal week-long camps. ENROLL TODAY Our innovative curriculum encourages campers to take risks, express themselves creatively, and work as a team to accomplish goals. For inquires please email Camp Cayton ensures 10% of all programming is made available for scholarship recipients. Scholarships are awarded based on demonstrated financial need and availability of space per week. Cayton Spotlight More than 130+ videos on YouTube LEARN MORE A showcase of art-making, programming, community engagement, and playing our way to a better world. Frequently Asked Questions Check out the FAQ page HERE

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    plan your visit MUSEUM HOURS GROUP TRIPS EXPLORE OUR SPACE CAYTON EXPECTATIONS GETTING HERE ACCESSIBILITY FAQ Admission LA County Residents The Cayton Children’s Museum is a nonprofit organization that is committed to making play available for all. As our community works to recover and heal from the last year, accessible play has never been more important. That is why admittance to the Cayton will now be a pay-as-you-wish donation for all LA County residents. This means you can give as much as you like to play at the Cayton, or nothing at all. We just ask that you reserve your tickets online in advance to help us keep the Cayton a safe and comfortable place for all. Annual Members Members are free to come anytime during museum operating hours and will have priority entry and expedited check-in. Though you don’t have to reserve your spot online, we encourage it to guarantee your quick entry if we are at capacity. Memberships also come with annual out-of-town guest passes—click here to learn more. Out-of-County Residents We are a place for all, which includes new friends from far and wide. Admission for visitors from outside LA County is $16 for children aged 1+ and adults, all of which goes towards supporting our public programs and nonprofit mission of enriching the lives of children and their families through play. Children under a year old are always admitted free of charge. your safety, so Same-day tickets may be extremely limited. BOOK TICKETS BOOK TICKETS Museum Hours Members Only Wed-Sun 9am—10am General Public Wed-Sun 10am—5pm Visitors must register online for available timed entry. Members have guaranteed walk-up entry, space permitting. Closed Mon-Tue Group Trips Are you ready to bring the whole play crew to the Cayton? Whether you are a large family or an awesome youth group—we are the idea space for kids ages 0–8. With our discovery-based exhibits and experiences, your group will be immersed in creativity and exploration. Join us at the Cayton and play your way to a better world! LEARN MORE Explore Our Space Ready to see the Power of Play? The Cayton offers 21,000 square feet of discovery - based exhibits, from a real-life helicopter to a miniature marketplace to reactive VR - and so much more. Add on art studios, a state-of-the-art theatre, and adaptable community spaces: you and your child can experience the Cayton differently every time. EXPLORE OUR SPACE Cayton Community Expectations The Cayton Children’s Museum is a special shared space for families. To ensure that everyone is safe, comfortable and able to play, we ask that our visitors follow a few basic rules. Arrival Drop-offs are not allowed. All children must be accompanied and supervised by an adult (and all adults must be accompanied by children) while visiting the museum. To ensure that all our guests have a great experience, the Cayton requires at least one (1) chaperone for every five (5) children. Children must always be supervised by their adults. Some exhibits have age restrictions, please be mindful of signage throughout the museum. Please be aware of our current health protocols . Please follow directions from the Cayton Play Guides and staff When Inside Disruptive, disrespectful and/or abusive behavior may result in immediate removal from the museum without refund and may be grounds for revoking membership. We encourage walking instead of running. Each exhibit may have signage reflecting special conduct (i.e., no shoes, age restrictions, etc.). If you have any questions about these restrictions, please inquire with one of our team members. Strollers are not allowed in the museum. We do provide a stroller parking zone for guests, underwritten by Babyletto . Please do not leave your valuables in the stroller. Please be mindful of your belongings. The Cayton Children’s Museum is not responsible for any lost or missing items. Please be mindful of other visitors in the space when taking photos of your family. Visitors may be filmed, recorded or photographed by the Cayton Children’s Museum for educational and promotional uses. Please inform the front desk staff if you would prefer not to be photographed. You may review our privacy policy here . Our staff is here to help while you and your family are in our venue. Please respect them. We won't tolerate any yelling, intimidation, threats, swearing, or any other inappropriate behavior. Anyone who is aggressive toward staff or other guests will be asked to leave. When Leaving Please remember to collect all your belongings. The Cayton Children’s Museum is not responsible for items left behind. Any “Lost & Found” items should be turned in to Guest Services. We encourage you to reach out to us with any questions, comments and suggestions you might have after your visit. You can do this in person, over the phone or via email at . We may send you a follow-up survey to ask about your visit. Most importantly, we hope you enjoyed your visit! Getting Here Where is the Cayton? You can find the Cayton Children’s Museum in Downtown Santa Monica. We are located on the 3rd level of Santa Monica Place off of 4th Street & Broadway. 395 Santa Monica Place, #374 Santa Monica, CA, 90401 Call 424-416-8320 Email Take the Metro Take the Metro Expo Line and exit at Downtown Santa Monica, which is the last stop on the line. You’ll end up on Colorado and 4th. You can find Santa Monica Place on the opposite corner. For more information about going Metro, click here . Parking Parking is available in Structures 7 and 8, owned and operated by the City of Santa Monica, which are immediately adjacent to Santa Monica Place. The first 90 minutes are free, with a fee after that. Please note, we do not validate. To see a map showing S7 and S8, click here . ​ Easy access and Disability parking are available in parking structure 8 off of Colorado Ave, on Level 5, as well as parking structure 7 off of Broadway on Level 4. Elevators are available close to the Mall entrance on all levels in the parking lots. Driving Directions From I-10 W: Take exit 1A for 4th Street. Turn right onto 4th and left onto Colorado. Santa Monica Place will be on your right. Accessibility The Cayton Children’s Museum meets the requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). Here, accessibility means more than compliance with federal law. We are committed to making our Museum a rich and rewarding experience for all individuals. Wheelchair Access The entire museum is wheelchair accessible, including all bathrooms and water fountains. Handicapped-accessible parking is available in the Santa Monica Place parking garage. Santa Monica Place also offers complimentary wheelchair loans upon request. To arrange, please call security at 310-260-8399 . Cayton Children’s Museum Staff Cayton Children’s Museum staff receives ongoing professional development to offer visitors with disabilities and their families enhanced support. Please ask a Cayton staff member for assistance. Service Animals The Cayton Children’s Museum welcomes service animals. Under federal law, service animals are dogs trained to work or perform tasks for the benefit of people with physical or mental disabilities. The work or tasks performed by a service animal must be directly related to the handler’s disability. Additionally, service animals must remain under their handler’s control at all times while inside the museum. Dogs or any other type of animal or pet whose sole function is to provide comfort, companionship or emotional support — such as a support animal — do NOT qualify as service animals under federal law and are not permitted in the Museum. Nursing Areas Mothers are welcome to nurse children wherever they feel comfortable at the Cayton. However, there are two designated areas in the Lounge that provide more privacy, if preferred. Restrooms And Changing Tables Family restrooms are located near the ballpit or to your left of the security checkpoint. Additional restrooms are located in the back of the museum near the art studio. Changing tables are located in the wheelchair-accessible stalls in each restroom. Health regulations require that all diaper changing be done in restrooms. We Want To Hear From You The Cayton is eager to hear about new ways to serve the children in our community, and we welcome your feedback, suggestions, questions or concerns. Please share your thoughts with us at . Frequently Asked Questions Check out the FAQ page HERE

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    ABOUT PAST HONOREES DOODLE BOOK MAKE A DONATION FAQ DISCOVERY AWARDS Every year, the Discovery Award is presented to extraordinary individuals who are builders , creators , and leaders in their fields and communities. It recognizes the importance of their work and their commitment to modeling what it means to lead with purpose and integrity for the next generation. We proudly celebrate them—and we celebrate their legacies. PAST HONOREES 2021 TARA DUNCAN / CHARLOTTE & GARY GILBERT / ARYEH GOLDBERG* 2020 SUSAN & ROBERT ROVNER / CHELSEA & KEVIN WASHINGTON 2019 NICOLE CLEMENS / ART COPPOLA 2018 ANDREA & BARRY CAYTON / CRAIG ERWICH / SANDRA STERN 2017 CAROLYN BERNSTEIN & NICK GRAD / RAYNI & BRANDEN WILLIAMS 2016 DARRYL & VANESSA FRANK / AARON ROSENBERG / DANNY ROSE 2015 KAREY BURKE / JAMES MANDELBAUM 2014 DICK LIPPIN / ALLISON SHEARMUR 2013 DAVID MADDEN / MARGARET LOESCH / SANFORD MICHELMAN 2012 SHARON SACKS / DEBORAH KLEIN & MORT MARCUS / CARRIE LIEBERMAN 2011 ANDY KAPLAN / COURTNEY MIZEL / RICHARD SMITH 2010 STEPHEN J. DAVIS / BARBARA PROBER 2009 KEVIN BEGGS / DANA PACHULSKI / JENNIFER WOOSTER 2008 JEFF WACHTEL / DR. CHARLES SOPHY 2007 MISSY HALPERIN / LINDA SIMENSKY 2006 RODNEY FREEMAN / WENDY MOSS KLEIN 2005 JENNA ADLER / DAN ADLER / JENNIFER E. COHEN 2004 MARK ITKIN / GLORIA & JERRY LUSHING 2003 BARBARA FISHER / CYNTHIA SIKES YORKIN 2002 ANDY HEYWARD / ARTHUR HILLER 2001 JEAN FRIEDMAN / GARY E. KNELL *Creator of Impact Award DOODLE TRIBUTE BOOK The Doodle Tribute Book is the Cayton’s version of an ad tribute journal. Each doodle is a one-of-a-kind, created for the book by our members and visitors. MAKE A DONATION Unable to attend this year? Support the Cayton’s efforts to create more equity in play Your tax-deductible donation will help provide free museum admission for all LA County residents and bring play into underserved communities. DONATE TODAY THANK YOU YOUR SUPPORT WILL HELP THE MUSEUM PROVIDE FREE ADMISSION TO LA COUNTY FAMILIES & BRING PLAY INTO NEIGHBORHOODS HIT HARDEST BY THE PANDEMIC SO ALL CHILDREN CAN EXPERIENCE THE WONDER OF PLAY . Frequently Asked Questions Check out the FAQ page HERE

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    group trips FAMILY GROUPS YOUTH GROUPS FAQ Family Groups Ready to bring the whole family to play? The Cayton offers group reservations for family groups of seven or more. To receive the family group rate please be prepared to meet the following guidelines: ​ Contact the Cayton at least two weeks before your arrival to make a reservation Have a minimum of 7 and a maximum of 40 children and adults in your group Have a minimum ratio of 1:2 (adults to children) All admission fees must be paid before the time of arrival Members of your group should arrive and enter the Cayton together Booking Rates LA County residents: ​ 7 or more people, avg 1:2 ratio Pay as you wish Non-LA County residents: ​ 7 or more people, avg 1:2 ratio $14 per person Reservations must be made a minimum of two weeks in advance. Memberships, admission discounts, and promotions do not apply to Group Trip rates. Questions Email . Fine Print Upon arrival, check-in at the front desk using your group name to be admitted. Please note all scheduled visits have a specific arrival time. Visitors may not be allowed entry before specified arrival time. There is no dedicated museum team member or lunch space available. Family Group rates are available during off-peak hours (no weekends & no holidays) Wednesday through Friday, beginning at 10 a.m. with the last entry at 4 p.m. NO REFUNDS will be offered for groups that cancel within one week of the scheduled visit. REQUEST GROUP VISIT Youth Groups Ready To Play Your Way To A Better World? Booking Rates LA County residents: ​ The Cayton offers two-hour museum reservations for youth groups of ten or more, including day camps and organized groups where custodial care is provided by your organization. This is the perfect, fun and educational destination for your youth group during school recesses. To make a reservation for your youth group please be prepared to meet the following guidelines: ​ Contact the Cayton at least four weeks in advance to make a reservation Have a minimum of 10 and a maximum of 40 children and adults in your group Have a minimum ratio of 1:5 (adults to children) All admission fees must be paid before the time of arrival Members of your group must arrive and enter the Cayton together Minimum 10 children, maximum 40 children, average ratio of 1:5 (adults to children) $10 per person Non-LA County residents: ​ Minimum 10 children, maximum 40 children, average ratio of 1:5 (adults to children) $14 per person Reservations must be made a minimum of four weeks in advance. Memberships, admission discounts, and promotions do not apply to Group Visit rates. Includes: Two-hour admission ticket 45 minute private Art Studio Session Fine Print Upon arrival, check-in at the front desk under your group name to be admitted. Please note all scheduled visits have a specific arrival and departure time. Visitors may not be allowed entry before specified start time. The end time stated on your ticket applies regardless of entry time. There is no dedicated museum team member or lunch space available. Youth Group reservations are available Wednesday through Friday, beginning at 10 a.m. with the last entry at 3 p.m. Cancellations must be made at least one week prior to your visit for a 50% refund to be issued. REQUEST GROUP VISIT Questions Email . Frequently Asked Questions Check out the FAQ page HERE

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    Welcome to the Cayton Welcome to the Cayton Children’s Museum. We are a nonprofit organization that activates the power of play to enrich lives, strengthen communities, and create a better world. Plan Your Visit

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    CAYTON CLASSES ART CRAWL BUDDING ARTISTS I BUDDING ARTISTS II CAYTON CONSTRUCTORS PAINT THE WALLS PUPPET PRODUCTION FAQ Intimate & Interactive Cayton Classes are created with the same educational and developmental foundations used in our experiential exhibits, programs, and spaces. To register for Cayton Classes: Please scroll to the calendar below and select the class date(s) you would like to register for. Designed to expand a child’s social, creative and cognitive abilities, Cayton Classes provide critical developmental skills through immersive play experiences. These tools are particularly critical following more than a year of restricted in-person socializing and learning. Taught by experienced teaching artists and child development specialist, classes are intimate and interactive. Participants are encouraged to play in the museum before and after classes. To apply for a class scholarship please email for requirements and information. Art Crawl Art Crawl is an introduction to the sensory art experience. The Cayton Art Studio is transformed into a big blank canvas for babies and toddlers to express their inner artist. Babies and toddlers strip-down to their diapers and crawl around in a free exploration of edible (non-toxic) paint, while creating a beautiful mess. And best of all, we do the clean up! *This class requires parent participation. Spring Session 2 Class 1: Color Explosion; introduction to color mixing Class 2: Hello Spring! ​ Spring Session 3 Class 1: Hello Spring! Class 2: Splat Art Class 3: Sticky, Bumpy, Shiny Class 4: Under the Sea ​ Who? Ages 9–24 months When? Wednesdays & Thursdays 10–11am Dates? Spring Session 2 ​ Class 1: April 15 Class 2: May 4 & 5 ​ Spring Session 3 ​ Class 1: May 4 & 5 Class 2: May 11 & 12 Class 3: May 18 & 19 Class 4: May 25 & 26 ​ ​ Cost? $35 a class Budding Artists I This interactive and creative class allows children to develop their artistic talents through an exploration of different creative mediums and processes. Each week participants will be proud to take home a new masterpiece of their own creation. Activities include process-based activities with clay, 3D sculptures, texture collages, paintings and more. Who? Ages 2–4 years When? Thursdays 3:30–4:30pm ​ Dates? Coming Soon Cost? $35 a class Budding Artists II This hand-on class allows children to practice their artistic abilities through an exploration of different creative mediums and processes. Each week participants will be proud to take home a new masterpiece of their own creation. Activities include process-based activities with clay, 3D sculptures, texture collages, paintings and more. ​ Spring Session 3 Class 1: Texture Exploration – explore 3 different textures in 3 different art crafts Class 2: Clay Sculptures – explore and learn clay techniques Class 3: Watercolor Resist – use watercolor and various materials to explore resist techniques Class 4: Paint Exploration – use paint and various materials to create colorful art projects Who? Ages 5–8 years When? Fridays 4–5pm Dates? ​ Spring Session 3 ​ Class 1: May 6 Class 2: May 13 Class 3: May 20 Class 4: May 27 ​ ​ Cost? $35 a class Cayton Constructors: A Space for Makers and Thinkers Explore your creative side! In this class, school age children will become constructors and builders as we work with slime, explore reactions, build volcanos, and more! Class schedule listed below: ​ Class 1: Building Connections- Build with LEGOS, construct special skyscrapers, and build bridges in a class built for just for builders! Class 2: Reactions- Explore all kinds of reactions! We will build our own exploding volcano and experiment with magic milk. Class 3: Slimy Sensory- It’s slime time!! Make fun slime and experiment with walking water. Class 4: Thick and Thin: Working with Volume- Come play with different textures as we work with kinetic sand, water beads, and make sensory bottles! Who? School Age Children, ages 5-8 years old When? Wednesday 4-5pm April 6, 13, 20, 27 ​ Cost? $100 for a series of 4 classes To register for a single class please email Paint the Walls: Art Explosion! Finally, your preschooler can paint on anything that surrounds them: Paint the walls, the floor, even the tables! This class inspired by our Art Crawl allows your older child to explore their artistic abilities with no boundaries. * This class requires parent participation. Who? Preschool age children, ages 2-4 years old ​ When? Spring Session 2 Thursday 10–11am April 7, 14, 21, 28 Spring Session 3 Fridays 10–11am May 6, 13, 20 ​ ​ Cost? $35 a class Puppet Production: A Play by You! In this interactive class, students learn how to create characters, tell stories, and activate their imaginations through puppet theater. Children will create their very own puppet, write roles for their character, build a story line, and learn the art of performance. This class is taught by our very own resident actor! ​ ​ Class 1: Students learn about what makes a character and how to create their own characters. Class 2: Students learn what makes a story and how to create a short story about their puppets. Class 3: Students practice telling their story in front of the class. Students are also able to expand on their story through props, set pieces, and extra characters. Class 4: Students put any final touches on their play and perform for their grown-ups. Who? School age children, ages 5-8 years old When? Thursdays 4-5pm April 7, 14, 21, 28 ​ Cost? $100 for the series of 4 classes Frequently Asked Questions Check out the FAQ page HERE

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